IPC 1010 Power Controller

E3CONTROLTM Intelligent Power Controllers

E3CONTROLTM intelligent power controllers (IPC) are the core element of our innovative control and monitoring system for streetlighting applications - based on extremely robust narrowband Powerline Communication (PLC).

They provide accurate energy consumption and end point status logging as well as actuator outputs (e.g. relays). Alarms support early detection of overload and other abnormal situations (e.g. load failure).

All these features help to optimize maintenance calls and minimize energy consumption.

With its robust, watertight IP67 enclosure the E3CONTROLTM IPC1010 is specifically designed for harsh environments and withstands even large temperature and power variations.

Highlights Benefits
  • 2 Mono-stable or 1 Bi-stable Relay Outputs.
  • Energy and Power Measurements (Active,Reactive, Apparent, Power Factor)
  • Up to 8 km Communication Range between Concentrator and IPC
  • Alarms with automatic notification via SMS (through Data Concentrator)
  • Extremely Reliable Powerline Communication (Cenelec B, FCC, ARIB or Cenelec A)
  • Easy plug-and-play installation (no setup necessary).
  • Supports up to two external environmental sensors (Temperature, Humidity, etc)

Datasheet: E3METER IPC-1010 Power Controller