IPS 1218 (T23 Swiss edition)

IPS 1229 (S16 EU edition)

IPS 1231 (3-phase, vertical)

IPS 1220 (1-phase, internatl.)

TFT Color Display, 320x240

E3METER® Intelligent Power Strips (IPS)

E3METER® intelligent power distribution strips (IPS) are the core element of our innovative monitoring system.

They provide valuable data for both data center operators and clients: accurate energy consumption logging enables operators to offer usage based energy billing. A bright local display gives real-time feedback on power consumption which simplifies for example load balancing during commissioning of new equipment. Alarms make early detection of overload and other abnormal situations possible which helps to prevent power outages.

Data transfers between E3METER® IPS and the Data Concentrator use reliable narrowband powerline communication (PLC) technology which avoids the need for extra cabling.

Measurement data of all power strips can be accessed via SNMP on the Data Concentrator Ethernet port. Alternatively the IPS itself has an Ethernet Port which offers SNMP, HTTP, TELNET & NTP services directly.

Two dedicated extension ports can be used to measure temperature and humidity through E3METER® remote sensors.

Highlights Benefits
  • High Accuracy Power Meter
  • Individually Factory Calibrated
  • Local Display
  • Powerline, Ethernet and
    serial communication
  • Outlets and cable customizable
  • 19" Rackmount brackets (included)
  • Extremely robust built-in powerline communication (PLC) eliminates extra cabling for data collection.
  • Easy plug-and-play installation (no setup necessary).
  • Supports up to two external environmental sensors (Temperature, Humidity, etc)

Datasheet: E3METER RN1231 (vertical IPS, 36xC13, 6xC19)

Datasheet: E3METER RN1218 (T23 version, Switzerland)

Datasheet: E3METER RN1224 (T23 version, orange outlets, Switzerland)

Datasheet: E3METER RN1220 (International version, 6xC13, 2xC19)

Datasheet: E3METER RN1223 (International version, 8xC13)

Datasheet: E3METER RN1229 (EU version, Schuko)

IPS & IPM Management Information Base (MIB)