Data Concentrator (Monitoring Software)

Customers who use the E3METER Data Concentrator to manage their Meters (Intelligent Power Strips, Intelligent CEE Plugs, etc) can download the Concentrator Firmware below. Please read the Release Notes carefully before installing a new firmware.

Latest Concentrator Firmware
 E3METER Data Concentrator Firmware v6.2.0

Old Concentrator Firmware (still supported)
 E3METER Data Concentrator Firmware v6.1.2

Release Notes
E3METER Monitoring Software User Manual
E3METER Monitoring Software Benutzerhandbuch

PRO Meter integration
 Reference configuration file for Moxa MB3180 gateway

Note: Riedo Networks Ltd grants free support for the last 2 official releases via eMail and Phone. Older versions are supported on a case by case basis and are not free of charge.

The latest MIB which describes the Data Concentrator SNMP interface can be downloaded from the Web-GUI of the Data Concentrator in the SNMP section under settings.

Users of the E3METER Data Concentrator can send us an email if they want to use Cacti.
We have a plugin which automatically creates all related graphs from a Data Concentrator.


Meters (Intelligent Power Strips)

Firmware Upgrade of the Meters is typically done with the E3METER Data Concentrator as it offers automatic and centralized management of all devices installed.
Users who manage their Meters with a Data Concentrator simply have to set Meters Upgrade to Auto on the
Settings Tab of the Concentrator and all devices will be automatically upgraded to the latest firmware version.

If you need to upgrade your Meter via the local Ethernet port, please send us an email so we can send you the download link.

If you want to access the IPS via SNMP/Ethernet directly, we provide the following MIB
NB: This MIB is not valid for the E3METER Data Concentrator


The complete list of console and telnet commands can be found in the following document

Console and Telnet Command List

We provide a free Cacti Template for use with E3METER Intelligent Power Strips (SNMP/Ethernet)

 E3METER IPS Cacti Template
Press and hold the "MODE" button on the home screen for 3 seconds and follow on-screen instructions.
Alternatively this can be configured remotely via Web-Interface or Telnet.
("Auto-IP" link local address if no DHCP Server found after 40 Seconds)
Yes, via Web-Interface, Telnet or serial console (left RJ12 connector)
a) Press and hold "DELTA" button on the home screen for 3 seconds and follow on-screen instructions
b) Use the serial console and type "conf factory confirm"
NB: Energy Meter counters (kWh, etc) are not affected - they can never be reset !
Yes, at 2'147'483'647 Wh the counters restart from 0.


Meters (PRO Series)

The PRO Series RS485 Modbus RTU and M-Bus Register Map Documentation can be downloaded with the following link

 E3METER PRO Series Register Manual



A complete test and verification report of the temperature accuracy of our external sensors RN1091 and RN1097

 Report: E3METER Temperature Sensor Accuracy Assessment



Energy - Environment - Efficiency Metering
EEE = E3

Yes - it's nerdy, but basically we just want to express with 1 word what we do:

Energy: high-quality power distribution and measurement
Environment: monitoring the environmental conditions of the infrastructure with sensors
Efficiency: centralized data aggregation without extra wires, optimize the building efficiency